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Success Stories: Inspiring Veteran Entrepreneurs Who Made It Big

Veterans deliver a novel set of skills and experiences to the world of entrepreneurship. Their self-discipline, leadership, and adaptability, developed by means of years of military service, often function a solid basis for success in the enterprise world. In this article, we will explore the inspiring success stories of veteran entrepreneurs who not only transitioned from military life to the world of enterprise but also made it big.

Brian Stann – Hire Heroes USA

Brian Stann, a former Marine Corps officer and decorated combat veteran, embarked on a remarkable entrepreneurial journey by co-founding Hire Heroes USA, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving to veterans discover significant employment. Recognizing the challenges veterans face in transitioning to civilian careers, Stann and his team have provided invaluable help, resulting in thousands of veterans finding rewarding jobs.

Stann’s dedication and leadership skills from his military service have been instrumental in building the group, which has earned widespread recognition and support. His inspiring story showcases the impact a veteran can have on the lives of fellow veterans by means of entrepreneurship and social initiatives.

Jake Wood – Team Rubicon

Jake Wood, a former Marine sniper and scout, based Team Rubicon, a non-profit catastrophe response group that utilizes the skills and experience of military veterans to provide fast catastrophe relief and recovery services. Wood’s military background gave him the ability to lead and organize teams in high-pressure situations, making Team Rubicon an efficient and impactful force in catastrophe-stricken areas across the world.

Under Wood’s leadership, Team Rubicon has grown into a global group with hundreds of volunteers, responding to disasters ranging from hurricanes to earthquakes. His success story exemplifies how veterans can leverage their distinctive skill sets to create positive change through entrepreneurship.

Mat Best – Black Rifle Coffee Company

Mat Best, a former Military Ranger, is the co-founder of the Black Rifle Coffee Firm, a veteran-owned coffee model that has gained a cult following for its high-quality products and patriotic values. Best’s military experiences, including a number of deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, provided him with the determination and work ethic needed to launch a successful business.

Best and his team have not only built a thriving coffee brand but have also used their platform to support veterans and first responders by way of numerous charitable initiatives. Their success story demonstrates how entrepreneurship could be a vehicle for veterans to continue serving their communities.

Gino and George Hill – Operation WetVet

Brothers Gino and George Hill, each Navy veterans, co-founded Operation WetVet, a non-profit group that provides fishing and out of doors experiences for wounded veterans and active-duty service members. Their passion for the outdoors and their desire to give back to their fellow veterans led them to create a singular and impactful organization.

By way of their dedication and resourcefulness, the Hills have expanded Operation WetVet’s reach, positively impacting the lives of many veterans who have benefited from the therapeutic effects of out of doors activities. Their story underscores the power of entrepreneurship to address the precise wants of the veteran community.


These success tales of veteran entrepreneurs serve as a testament to the resilience, leadership, and dedication that veterans carry to the world of business and social entrepreneurship. From providing employment opportunities to catastrophe reduction and coffee brewing, these veterans have harnessed their military experiences to make a significant impact on their communities and the world.

Their journeys also highlight the significance of recognizing and supporting veteran-owned businesses and organizations. By celebrating and learning from these inspiring veterans, we are able to encourage more former service members to pursue entrepreneurship and proceed their mission of service in new and progressive ways.

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